West Papua

West Papua

Undang-Undang Dasar United Liberation Movement for West Papua

West Papua is the Western Half of the Isle of New Guinea, where the eastern half is called the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

West Papua as a Modern Nation-state

West Papua is a modern nation-state declared on 1 December 1961 with Papuan political manifest, and proclaimed on 1 July 1971 with a West Papua independence declaration by Seth Jafeth Roemkorem and Hendrik Jacob Prai in Great Waris, Port Numbay, West Papua.

Indonesia’s Papua and Papua Barat Province

It is not a province that Indonesia claims as its Papua Barat province of Indonesia.

West Papua is a province in the far east of Indonesia, centered on the island of New Guinea. The province includes New Guinea’s 2 westernmost peninsulas and the smaller islands around them. On the tip of the Bird’s Head Peninsula, the city of Sorong is the gateway to the Raja Ampat archipelago’s jungle-covered islands and snorkeling and dive sites <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/West_Papua_(province)>




The Republic of West Papua
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