Hello world! Hello West Papua!

Hello world! Hello West Papua!

This is Amunggut Tabi, Gen. WPRA speaking from the Centreal Defence Headquarters of West Papua Revolutionary Army (WPRA), along the border areas between West Papua occupied territory and the Independent State of Papua New Guinea.

I am glad to have the chance to launch this website, a few hours after hearing the news from ACP (Africa – Caribbean – Pacific) Summit in Nairobi, Kenya today.

I am glad to hear that ACP leaders endorse the issue of human rights violations in West Papua under the CURI (Colonial Unitary Rebpublic of Indonesia) occupation and the need for the UN Human Rights Council to visit West Papua to investigate alleged human rights violations in West Papua since Indonesia militarily invaded, took over and occupy the territory of the Republic of West Papua.

Hello World! Hello Africa! Hello Melanesia! Hello Caribbean! Hello Pacific! This is Amunggut Tabi speaking from the Central Defence Headquarters of the WPRA.

The Republic of West Papua is a modern nation-state to be established based on the Melanesian Model of Democracy that Nelson Mandela Calls the Tribal Model of Democracy, which Father Walter Lini, founder of the Republic of Vanuatu calls the Melanesian Socialism, and “The Melanesian Way” as conceptualized by the renown Melanesian Philosopher Bernard Narakobi

This blog presents the Melanesian Way of Democracy, the Melanesian -Ism, the Melanesian Model of Democracy, that we call here as “Wantok Democracy”.

Wantok Democracy” is the democracy that is built within the “Wantok System” that all Melanesians inherited from our ancestors.

Wantok Democracy is a democratic system where “wantok” becomes the key of the democratic system, not ideologies, not promises, not political parties.

Wantok Democracy is the original democracy that was known in Athens as the Athenian democracy, pre-dated all known so-called “demos” of “kratos” today.

Wantok Democracy” is also called “Tribal Democracy” by Free West Papua philosopher Sem Karoba a West Papuan government with democracy fully operational at clan/ tribal levels and confederation of tribes at national level.

To buy books on “Tribal Democracy”, please write to papuabooks@gmail.com or online stores: wantok.biz, melanesiamart.com

This blog is dedicated to elaborate more on “Wantok Democracy” for West Papua as a nation-state, but also as a concept for democratization of all Melanesian nation-states: (1) West Papua, (2) Papua New Guinea; (3) Bougainville, (4) Solomon islands, (5) Fiji, (6) Vanuatu, and (7) Kanaky.

I warmly welcome all contributions as critics, proposals, donations or collaborations. Please email me at tofreemelanesia@gmail.com

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