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Netherlands becomes 83rd state calling for UN visit to West Papua

The official website of the Provisional Government of West Papua or the United Liberation Movement for West Papua (ULMW) acknowledges the Netherlands, the former colony of West Papua (Netherlands Niuew-Guinea) as the 83rd states in the world that supports the call for the United Nations Human Rights Commission to visit West Papua. The call is […]

The Morning Star Flag of West Papua

United Liberation Movement for West Papua announces formation of a provisional government in West Papua

By NDT Bureau The West Papuan territorial conflict stems from Indonesia’s incorporation of the territory in it during the post-colonial era. West Papuans refute the 1969 ‘Act of Free Choice’ that proclaimed West Papua as an Indonesian territory and this is regarded as the starting point of the Papua conflict. On December 1, the United Liberation […]

Hon. Benny Wenda, President of the Republic of West Papua

West Papua independence leaders declare ‘government-in-waiting’

Province’s breakaway movement nominates exiled leader as interim president as conflict-ridden Indonesian region marks independence day West Papuan leaders have declared a provisional “government-in-waiting” of the contested Indonesian province, as the United Nations said it was “disturbed by escalating violence” there, including the killing of a child allegedly by security forces. The province marks independence […]

The Republic of West Papua