The Republic of West Papua

The Republic of West Papua

  • Name of the State: West Papua
  • Form of the State: Confederal Republic

Political boundaries: bagian timur berbatasan dengan Papua New Guinea, bagian utara berbatasan dengan samudera Pasifik, bagian selatan berbatasan dengan Australia dan bagian barat berbatasan dengan Indonesia.
Historical Territory: adalah bekas Nederlandse-Nieuw Guinea, atau bekas Provisi Irian Barat, Provinsi Irian Jaya, Provinsi Papua dan Provinsi Papua dan Papua Barat.

Geographical Location of the State: Western Half of the Isle of New Guinea

Geographically lies at: 129o BT – 141o BT dan 1o LU – 10o LS.

It then proceeds in a straight vertical line to the south along the 141st meridian east, cutting across the Oenake Range, the Kohari Hills, the Bewani Mountains, the Border Mountains and the Central Highlands. Upon reaching the Fly River it then follows this in a C-shaped curve, before continuing in a N-S line at 141º 01’10” meridian east, cutting across the Kai Lagoon, down to the estuary of the Bensbach River with the Torres Strait on the southern coast of New Guinea.

  • Population Ethnicity: Melanesian, Malays, and Chinese
  • Language: More than 250 languages, with Malay-Indonesia and Tok Pisin as lingua-franca
  • Former Colony: 
    1. The Netherlands (Nederlands New Guinea) until 1 May 1963
    2. Indonesia since 1 January 1962 and right now occupying West Papua.
  • Vision: All Melanesians and all communities of beings in West Papua and across South Pacific live freely in harmony with themselves and with each other.
  • Mission: to prepare the path for the King of kings to come and reign the earth forever from New Guinea
  • Wantok System, or the system of brotherhood and sisterhood placed on Melanesian peoples as the ruling principles in our lives.
    • Wantok Democracy,
    • Wantok Economic System,
    • Wantok Legal System, etc.
  • Modern and progressive, welcome every progress and advocate the advancement of modern findings but without forgetting or getting rid of what we already inherited from our past generations called indigenous wisdom.


The Republic of West Papua
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