Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

The Morning Star Flag of West Papua
The Morning Star Flag of West Papua

Vision of the Republic of West Papua

All Melanesians in West Papua and all humans in the world to live freely in harmony with all communities of beings


  1.  All communities of beings comprises:
    1. spirits (God and other spirits including the angels, ancestral spirits, forest dwellers, etc)
    2. flora (all plants)
    3. fauna (all animals)
    4. human beings (all races, all tribes, all nationalities)
    5. matter (stone, wood, soil, etc).
    6. landscape (mountains, valleys, caves, …)
  2. Live freely, i.e., live without fear, live with dignity and integrity express one self to an optimum level of self-actualization.
  3. Live in harmony caused by the life in “balanced” way, that is the life that is mindful of other beings, and life that is in accordance with the rhythm and pulses of each member of the communities of beings.

Mission of the Republic of West Papua

  1. to ensure that the Isle of New Guinea stays as the lungs of our planet Earth forever
  2. to prepare the path for the King of kings to come and reign the earth forever from New Guinea.


We have two orientation in our mission, the first one is related to our planet Earth and the future of life on it. New Guinea Island is the second largest island on Earth after Greenland, and the second largest rainforest area on earth after Brazilian Amazon. Therefore, the new nation-state of West Papua, together with the eastern part of the island, the already independent state of Papua New Guinea is morally obliged to keep this Island as the lungs of of the planet Earth, to allow life continue on this planet Earth.

In other words, if we want the life on this planet Earth to end, then let West Papua be colonised by Indonesia and let the lungs of the planet Earth completely destroyed by the mighty power of Indonesian companies and the companies it invited into West Papua.

The Green State of West Papua as the motto of the nation-state will declare this newly established nation-state as the first and only nation-state established by recognising, promoting and protecting the rights of all communities of beings, i.e., spirits, flora, fauna, human beings, matter, and landscape.

Vision of the ULMWP

a free and independent West Papua for all Communities of Beings in Western New Guinea


Independence is the state or quality of being independent; freedom from dependence; exemption from reliance on, or control by others; self-subsistence or maintenance; direction of one’s own affairs without interference. Freedom is (uncountable) the state of being free, of not being imprisoned or enslaved. <>

  1. A Free West Papua is the state being free where West Papua is free to express herself to the optimum level of self-actualization, without borders, without limitations, freely… It contains the meaning of “liberty”, the freedom to do things, according to the wishes of one self. It also includes independent, being free, left alone, not interfered….
    “Freedom,” is defined as the state of being free to enjoy social, political as well as civil liberties. It is the ability of an individual to make choices which are free from pressure or restriction. <>
  2. An Independent West Papua is the state or quality of being independent; freedom from dependence. where one is not dependent anything or anyone. “Independent means not having any dependencies.” <>
  3. Thus a free and independent West Papua contains the idea of liberty.
    Liberty” is defined as “the right and the power to believe, act, and express oneself as one chooses, of being free from restriction, and having the freedom of choice. It is the condition of having the power to act and speak without restraints.” <>
  4. Thus a free and independent West Papua contains the idea of “Free to…” and “Free from…”, free from colonialism, and free to live as communities of beings and as an individual being.

Mission of the ULMWP

to Free West Papua and her peoples from colonial power of Indonesia in order to be free and to live as Melanesians and as human beings

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